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Cylance PROTECT vs Ransomware


Cylance PROTECT is extremely effective at preventing ransomware and here is how:

The ransomware business is very lucrative for cyber criminals; so much so that they have even started offering ransomware as a service for purchase (Ref: Krebs on Security: ransomware). The fundamentals of how ransomware takes hold of a victim device remain the same;

- Inject into a running process by way of exploitation (a browser or plugin attack);

- or, get the victim to download and run the ransomware agent;

- or get the victim to run a malicious script that downloads the ransomware agent

Cylance PROTECT protects against these attack vectors, even if the exploit, the ransomware agent, or the script have never been seen before. Because PROTECT does not need to have a pre-existing signature to recognize malicious code and, thanks to ratification intelligence, is able to action on the ransomware threat before damage can occur.

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